Find a quiet place with no background noise and listen on good quality headphones or external speakers (not laptop or cellphone speakers).

Hit the play button and listen to the audio all the way through.

Loading audio file...

Once you have heard it one time, turn the reverb on and off to hear the effect.

Describe the reverb in as many ways as you can, using single words (e.g. "warm" or "spacious"). If you have a two-word description, use a dash to connect them (e.g. "big-church"). Please refrain from using "echo", or any variants of "echo", such as "echoey" or "echoing".

Indicate how much the reverb affects the audio.

Select the words from the list below that also describe the reverb you heard.

Select the option that best describes the speakers you are using.

Is the listening environment quiet?

Once done, hit submit. Thanks!